Continuing Education

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There are educational programs located throughout BC and across Canada that may suit the diverse roles of RPNs – check out Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada.

Here are a few examples of programs to enhance the range of service provision by RPNs:


Here are a few examples of available courses:

  • Health Care Management If you are an experienced health care professional and would like to pursue a management position, or if you are already in management and would like to expand your skills and knowledge, the health care management certificates can help you to further your career.
  • Health Care Quality Management The advanced specialty certificate in Health Care Quality Management will prepare managers and health care professionals to plan, develop and implement successful continuous quality improvement/management programs in their organizations and health care regions.
  • Forensic Science and Technology enhances the theoretical knowledge base and investigative capabilities of the people who work alongside specialized professionals in the diverse fields involved in solving a crime.
  • Environmental Health – Public Health Inspection The Public Health Inspector/Environmental Health Officer (PHI/EHO) is a vital member of the public health team and delivery system. The role of the PHI/EHO includes preventing disease, promoting health and improving the environment through the use of education, consultation, inspection and monitoring techniques and, if necessary, by the enforcement of health legislation.
  • Occupational Health and Safety is concerned with the safety and security of both the worker and the employer. Students who register into the program typically are already working in safety-related positions, are planning to move into safety positions at their current workplace, or wish to develop their career in safety.

DOUGLAS COLLEGE Faculty of Health Sciences Continuing Education Program offers high-quality distance, classroom and workplace-based education, training and services for people and organizations.

Here are a few examples of available courses:



Here are a few examples of available courses:

  • Communicating Across Cultures develop intercultural awareness, understanding and skills for today’s increasingly global academic and business environments.
  • Programs for Health Care and Human Service Professions Our innovative, face-to-face and online courses aim to deepen professional knowledge, improve workplace satisfaction and stimulate dialogue among health care providers. Courses are interprofessional in nature and offer unique opportunities for sharing information and strengthening professional networks.
  • People Skills for the Workplace Today’s changing work environments require professionals to develop new knowledge, skills and best practices in order to better serve clients and employees who are facing change, interpersonal challenges, and career development.

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RPNs with bachelors’ degrees are eligible to apply for Masters degrees in the following programs:

Check the UNBC Calendar for admission deadline dates and further information and requirements:

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