On March 1, 2017, CRPNBC was one of 23 health profession regulators in BC to pledge its commitment to making our health system more culturally safe for First Nations and Aboriginal People.  The commitment reflects the priority need to address systemic racism and discrimination towards First Nations People that can result in inappropriate treatment and barriers to access.

In signing the Declaration of Commitment, CRPNBC and the other health regulators are signalling an expectation of change among health professionals so that all indigenous and aboriginal peoples will experience the culturally safe and effective care they deserve.  The declaration consists of three main pillars:

  • creating a climate for change
  • engaging and enabling stakeholders
  • implementing and sustaining change

Cultural safety is already an entry level competency expected of RPNs, but the aim is to embed culturally safe practices in all aspects of health profession regulation.  The Declaration commits the health regulators to report on progress through annual reports, outlining strategic activities and accountability measures. The Declaration is endorsed by the First Nations Health Authority and the Ministry of Health.


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