Nursing Standards & Resources

RPNs are responsible for reading CRPNBC publications to ensure they are aware of their current legal, professional and ethical responsibilities. The first section below sets out essential requirements that underpin and guide RPN practice. The second section sets out resources that support practice.

Essential Requirements

RPN Regulation
Entry-Level Competencies
Scope of Practice
Professional Standards
Practice Standards
Code of Ethics (PDF)
Position Statements


Practice Support
Diagnosing and Treating Conditions
Dispensing Medication Case Scenario
Ethical Issues
Emergency Exemption Case Scenario
Employed Student Registrant Practice Responsibilities
Financial Incapability Assessment Information
Fitness to Practice
Immunization: BCCDC Competency Course
Independent Practice/Self-employment
Medical Assistance in Dying
Restraint and Seclusion Information and Decision Tree
Resolving Professional Practice Concerns Information (PDF)
Retention of Health Records Information
RN and RPN Decision Support Tool (Clinical Practice Guidelines) (PDF)
Scope of Practice Standards – 5 Tips For Understanding RPN Scope
Legislation Relevant to Nurses
Links to Practice Resources
The B.C. Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect (PDF)
BC Pandemic Influenza
Best Practices for Service Providers: Privacy and Information Sharing (PDF)
Collaborative Practice: Achieving Competence in Collaborative Practice: Mini-Module series
Education Day Presentations
Electroconvulsive Therapy-Guidelines for Health Authorities in British Columbia (PDF)
A Guideline for the Clinical Management of Opioid Use Disorder (PDF)
Health Care Providers’ Guide to Consent to Health Care (PDF)
Health & Safety
Information Sharing in the Context of Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use in BC (PDF)
Information Sharing in the Context of Mental Health and Substance Use in British Columbia (PDF)
ISMP Safety Bulletins
The Provincial Suicide Clinical Framework (BCMHAS, January 2011)
Report on Scope of Practice (March 10, 2012) (PDF)
Secure Rooms and Seclusion Standards and Guidelines: A Literature and Evidence Review (PDF)
Staff Mix Decision-Making Framework for Quality Nursing Care (PDF)
Suicide Prevention: Online module for nurses
Supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities & mental illness
Trauma-Informed Practice Guide (PDF)
Working With the Client Who is Suicidal: A Tool for Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services (PDF)


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