5 Tips for Understanding the Scope of Practice Standards

Scope of practice standards establishes the standards, limits and conditions for Registered Psychiatric Nurses’ (RPNs) practice. These scope of practice standards link to other standards, policies and bylaws of CRPNBC and all legislation relevant to psychiatric nursing practice.

The Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-specific Orders Standards outline the requirements for RPNs when they are providing client care in the following ways:

  • Acting within autonomous scope of practice
  • Acting with client-specific orders
  • Giving client-specific orders

We’ve put together an overview to help you understand these Scope of Practice standards and to consider how they apply in your practice. It’s important to read the Scope of Practice Standards: Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-Specific Orders in full.

Ensure that your organization has policies and supports in place to support your practice.

If you have any questions, contact a CRPNBC Practice Consultant by email at [email protected] or by phone at 604.931.5200 or 1.800.565.2505.



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