Fitness to Practice

This webpage is a resource to help RPNs interpret and apply indicator 8 of Standard 3 of the CRPNBC Professional Standards for Psychiatric Nursing, which is as follows:

“Maintains own physical, mental and emotional fitness to practice.

Why do we have this standard?
Psychiatric nursing is a rewarding and challenging profession. Psychiatric nurses frequently respond to emotionally-charged and stressful situations. These experiences can negatively affect the physical, mental and emotional health of psychiatric nurses and impact their ability to provide safe, competent and ethical care. Psychiatric nurses must recognize the importance of self-care and the relationship between personal health and fitness to practice.

Personal life choices and fitness to practice

Personal life choices and circumstances are relevant to you as an RPN. Your responsibility to maintain fitness to practice is an example of that. It is your professional responsibility to ensure that your personal life choices and circumstances do not negatively impact your fitness to practice safely, competently and ethically as an RPN.


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