Changing Registration Status

Remember – you must hold an active Practicing registration to practice psychiatric nursing in BC

All ‘change of status’ applications are completed online, in My Record. There you will find the following online forms:

  • Cancel Registration form – to cancel your registration
  • Renewal form – to renew registration until the last day of February, or for late renewal up to May 29. You may apply to renew your registration as either Non-practicing or Practicing.
  • Change of Status form – to apply for the following registration status changes:
    • Practicing to Non-practicing
    • Non-practicing to Practicing
    • Interim to Non-practicing or Practicing
    • Inactive to Non-practicing or Practicing (including late Practicing renewals after May 29)

Please visit the Registration Types and Requirements webpage for further information about the different registration categories and requirements. Please also see below for some important information about your change of status application.


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