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Currently, there is no formal written statement regarding the Scope of Practice of Registered Psychiatric Nurses in B.C. Since 2008, CRPNBC has been waiting for regulations to be passed by the provincial government clarifying the Scope of Practice.

CRPNBC has developed a comprehensive draft Scope of Practice statement, but implementation requires approval by the government after consultation with other stakeholders, a process which CRPNBC has asked government to undertake but is not yet underway. In the meantime, there is confusion amongst Registered Psychiatric Nurses, other health care professionals, and employers regarding what Registered Psychiatric Nurses can and cannot do. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide interim clarity to registrants and all stakeholders to allow Registered Psychiatric Nurses to provide the optimal level of client care and safety.

This means that Registered Psychiatric Nurses can practice as they have in the past, in accordance with

Click on this link Clarification Regarding the Current Scope of Practice (December 15, 2010) for further details.

For background information on the RPN Scope of Practice (March 14, 2011), click here.


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