Our Vision, Mission and Values


A dynamic organization leading and promoting excellence in mental health and wellness for all British Columbians.


To protect the public by regulating Registered Psychiatric Nurses to be safe, competent and ethical as mandated by the Health Professions Act of B.C.

The College achieves its mission by:

  • Establishing standards of education and practice for registrants;
  • Promoting continuing competence in registrants; and
  • Intervening when practice compromises patient safety and public trust in the profession.


  • Integrity – we fulfill our responsibilities in an accountable, professional and ethical manner, demonstrating honesty, impartiality and transparency in all we do 
  • Collaboration – we work together in a way that values diversity, inclusivity and the contributions of all stakeholders at the local, national and international levels
  • Leadership – we promote forward-looking regulatory practices and take a leading role in developing the profession to achieve excellence in psychiatric nursing 
  • Passion – we are passionate about the profession of psychiatric nursing, demonstrating commitment to addressing the needs of mental health consumers through effective regulation

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