Activity #1

Would you do the following and under what circumstances?

Administer a drug by any method.



3 Responses to Activity #1

  1. MHULL says:

    Yes, I have done this by almost every method except by direct IV injection. I have tho’ given a drug through an IV that is already in situ. I have administered drugs(medications) by patch, inhaler, injection, ointment, orally etc.

  2. Young says:

    I have administered medications by every method including direct IV injection. After graduating from psychiatric nursing I worked at a large teaching hospital in Winnipeg and part of the orientation including spending time with the IV team so that every nurse (RPN or RN) were certified to perform the function of IV establishment. The reason for this was that the IV team did not come to Chemical Withdrawal so it was the responsibility of the nurses on duty to establish the IV lines and to draw blood.

  3. VKENNEDY says:

    I have administered medication through most known means except for IV.