Activity #2

Would you do the following and under what circumstances?

If nutrition is administered by enteral instillation or parenteral instillation:

  1. To select ingredients for a therapeutic diet;
  2. To compound a therapeutic diet;
  3. To dispense a therapeutic diet.



3 Responses to Activity #2

  1. MHULL says:

    I have dispensed a therapeutic diet through ng tube and j-tubes for adult persons with quadraplegia and others who cannot take nutrition orally.

  2. Young says:

    I have compounded a therapeutic diet and have dispensed a therapeutic diet both through enteral and parenteral instillation (NG tube, G – tube, J – tube and Peg tubes. I have also done the insertion (establishment) of NG, G-tubes, J tubes and Peg Tubes)

    I have not selected the ingredients for a therapeutic diet – this was done by a dietitian – never a nurse including Registered Nurses.

  3. VKENNEDY says:

    I have never selected the diet, as this has always been done by the dietician, however I have utilised an NG feed in adolescent eating disorder clients.