Activity #1

Would you do the following and under what circumstances?

To issue and instruction or authorization for another person to apply, to a named individual:

  1. Ultrasound for:
    1. diagnostic or imagining purposes including any application of ultrasound to a fetus;
    2. the purpose of litostripsy
  2. Electricity for the purposes of destroying tissue or affecting activity of the heart or nervous system
  3. Electromagnetism for the purpose of magnetic resonance imaging
  4. Laser for the purposes of cutting or destroying tissue



One Response to Activity #1

  1. MHULL says:

    Is the question ‘to issue an instruction….’? Delegation? If so, here are my comments…
    I have never delegated these tasks to anyone, ever. I don’t believe they are within our scope but I could be wrong. I think that in the future it would behoove us as RPNs to be able to use the new hand-held ultrasounds and our nursing programs would have to add this to the curriculum.