Activity #2

Would you do the following and under what circumstances?

To issue and instruction or authorization for another person to apply, to a named individual:

  1. Xrays for diagnostic or imaging purposes, including x-rays for the purpose of computerized axial tomography

One Response to Activity #2

  1. MHULL says:

    Is there a typo in this question (same as Activity #1)? If so, and this is about delegation, here is my response…
    I have never done this. I wonder if RPNs working in remote locations have done this? Although this might not be in our current scope, it could be in our revised scope because,we certainly know enough about anatomy, physiology and pathology to be able to know that an x-ray is warranted in soooo many cases.If an RPN isn’t or won’t be able to do this, I would say an RPN-Nurse Practitioner absolutely should be able authorize or order x0rays and imaging!