Activity #3

What would you identify as areas of expansion for psychiatric nursing practice the CRPNBC should be exploring?


2 Responses to Activity #3

  1. MHULL says:

    We are not working to scope in many areas. As a result, many RPNs are losing the wide range of skills and competencies they had a graduation. This is the fault of employers. I have been participating in CNA’s on-line surveys for staff mixes (a huge national research project) and most recently was asked about leaders, managers, administrators and Chief Nursing officers, etc. and their role in staff mixes. I said that THEY should be more than superficially aware of the scope of all 3 types of nurses in this province and nationally. I believe that THEY do not know how broad our scope is and as a result they hire us into pigeon-holes. This has got to stop.

    I would also like to see more RPNs in Education in a variety of nursing and health care programs. We are blocked out of so many other programs for lack of knowledge about our scope and competencies and for reasons I personally believe have to do with territoriality. But, … as more and more RPNs get masters’ degrees, what are they going to do with them? Many will want to teach and are well, well qualified to teach in BSN and LPN and Care Aide programs! Why should they be prohibited or excluded from this? I have been fighting this to try to get job descriptions changed in educational institutions for years with only minimal success. This is an issue bigger than me…. it is about future nursing educators. RPNs have a lot to share in all of these other programs, not just our own. If we accept that RPNs should be excluded from teaching other nurses because we don’t know their scope or whatever, then the reverse is very true: other nurses should not be teaching in our programs. This mirrors the situation in hospitals and care facilities when other nurses or social workers are our ‘supervisors’ and really do not know our scope. How is this okay in these workplaces but not in academia?

    I would also like to see CRPNBC prepare; be proactive in developing a set of competencies and identifying scope for a mental heatlh nurse practitioner. If we don’t move on this quickly, this new position will soon be swallowed up by the larger group of nurses in this province. I suggest working with the other provinces RPNs to achieve this.

    I would like to see more promotion of our scope to other health professionals, ogvernment and employers so that others can see we have medical skills as well. This is the greatest unknown for others. I would like to include IV admin here (the LPNs now have this). I would like us to remain competetive in our Scope with the other 2 bodies of nurses in this province, so that we don’t move to take a back seat to them as they surge forward and expand their own scopes. They are doing this now. In my opinion, we are not. EVen so, I would like to continue to promote our uniqueness as nurses: our special scope and skills that clearly define us as NURSES, not allied health professionals (ie: counsellors, social workers, etc.)

    I would like more of our registrants to know about the 20/20 Vision for Health/Nursing report so that we all realize that the RPN of the future needs to work to scope plus take on more and more leadership and advocacy work.

    I would very much like to see the CRPNBC take a lead in new initiatives rather than the traditional way of waiting to see what the other nursing groups in the province do first (this is a dangerous precedent) and then waiting to see what other RPN regulatory bodies in BC have done. Too late.

    Thank you for reading this. I look forward to what other RPNs find salient and what they hope to see in our future.

  2. MHULL says:

    Hi, again.
    I’d also like to add to our ‘scope’ statements that RPNs could and should be able to dispense/administer over-the-counter medications without a doctor’s order AND should be able to use standard orders for a wide variety of initiatives, interventions, treatments. I am aware that this is not so or there is a good deal of confusion about this by employers nowadays.