How To Advertise

CRPNBC may, in its sole discretion, permit the free posting of educational notices, in particular if the agency is non-profit.  All other advertising on the CRPNBC website, including for-profit educational opportunities and job postings, is subject to an administrative fee of $80.00 per month plus tax (e.g. if posted on May 5, will be removed on June 5). As of May 2012, the Communicator will no longer be published in its current format and the CRPNBC is no longer accepting ads for the Communicator.

All advertisements must be approved by the CRPNBC to be consistent with our Mission Statement, and they must not be contrary to the CRPNBC’s Health Professions Act mandate to protect and serve the public interest.

To post an advertisement, please email Mandy Wang with the proposed advertisement or link to the advertisement. If the advertisement is approved, an invoice will be rendered unless CRPNBC chooses to waive the fee.


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