The  Ministry’s course on the certificate of incapability process is now live on the Learning Hub, and that the PGT has updated their website with new material on the legislative framework coming into force on December 1, 2014.

Click here for the PGT website, which provides one stop shopping.

The PGT website includes:

  • PDF of the Guide
  • The Guide in sections, including the appendices, so if you just want to access “Determine the Need”, you can do that without opening the entire document
  • All 12 forms
  • A link to the Learning Hub
  • Instructions on how to create an account on the Learning Hub and find the course
  • A link to the video recording of the FHA in-person training session; and
  • A link to the video recording of the Geriatric Medicine Rounds on November 18, hosted by Dr. Martha Donnelly.

Click here for direct access to the Learning Hub (note – the name of the course is the same as the Guide “A Guide to the Certificate of Incapability Process under the Adult Guardianship Act”).

This information and access to the PGT website and the Learning Hub is also located on our Nursing Standards Resources and Case Scenarios Page under Financial Incapability Assessment-Adult Guardianship Act.



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