CRPNBC has made a change to the Scope of Practice for RPNs: Standards, Limits and Conditions document published on February 17, 2016 and effective on March 18, 2016.  The original document stated:

“There are also many nursing activities that RPNs do not carry out because they do not fall within the scope of psychiatric nursing – such as carrying out cardiac stress tests or ECGs.”

However, CRPNBC has since learned that there is at least a small group of RPNs who carry out ECGs with additional education from the employer.  So as not to restrict current RPN practice at this time, CRPNBC removed the words “or ECGs” from the document until we have had an opportunity to conduct a review and consultation process regarding ECGs and whether any limits or conditions on this practice are appropriate.

If you have any questions or currently do ECGs in a setting other than Children’s and Women’s Hospital, please contact Colleen Calderwood, CRPNBC Practice Manager at [email protected].


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