On March 18, 2016 the CRPNBC Scope of Practice for RPNs:  Standards, Limits and Conditions will be in effect. Until then, the existing RPN scope of practice remains in place.

The new Scope document contains most of the existing RPN scope of practice but also has additional information, including the new restricted activities from the Regulation and the related CRPNBC standards, limits and conditions.

Until March 17, 2016 RPNs continue with existing RPN scope of practice and do not implement new practice, including the new restricted activities. As per the controls on RPN practice, RPNs need to comply with all employer policies regarding their practice; in the absence of employer policies, RPNs need to contact their employer. Registrants who have questions about the new Regulation or RPN scope of practice should contact the CRPNBC office or Colleen Calderwood at [email protected].


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