Independent Practice/Self-employment

CRPNBC uses the terms “self-employed” and “independent practice” inter-changeably to refer to registrants who work for themselves, rather than for an employer, in any aspect of their practice.

Like all RPNs, self-employed RPNs are required to practice in accordance with the CRPNBC standards of practice, including our Practice Standards, Professional Standards, Scope of Practice for RPNs: Standards, Limits and Conditions, Code of Ethics, and College Bylaws. However, there are certain aspects of these that have particular importance for RPNs in a self-employed role, and there are additional responsibilities, requirements and guidelines that apply only to self-employed RPNs.

This page is intended as a guide to help you, as a self-employed RPN (or one considering becoming self-employed) identify your primary responsibilities so that you can ensure you practice in line with College standards and Bylaws.

We recommend that RPNs interested in self-employed practice consult a lawyer, accountant and/ or business consultant regarding contracts and business processes. ​


Becoming Self-employed


Starting a business


Responsibilities and Standards of Practice


Controls on Practice and Self-Employed RPNs


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