Practice Support

In this section, you will find resources that will help you apply the Standards of Practice. These include:

  • Information on specific aspects of practice that nurses frequently ask about.
  • Case studies on a variety of practice-related issues you may face.
  • Links to other resources helpful to understanding practice requirements.

We are always adding new resources, so check back regularly.

If you have any questions, contact a CRPNBC Practice Consultant by email at [email protected] or by phone at 604.931.5200 or 1.800.565.2505.

Delegating to Unregulated Care Providers (2001)
Diagnosing and Treating Conditions
Dieticians’ Authority to Recommend Vitamins and Minerals for Therapeutic Diets
Dispensing Medication Case Scenario
Ethical Issues
Emergency Exemption Case Scenario
Employed Student Registrant Practice Responsibilities
Financial Incapability Assessment Information
Fitness to Practice
High Quality Practice Environment for Registered Psychiatric Nurses (2007)
Immunization Resources
Legislation Relevant to Nurses
Independent Practice/Self-employment
Medical Assistance in Dying
Restraint and Seclusion
Resolving Professional Practice Concerns Information (PDF)
Retention of Health Records Information
Scope of Practice Standards – 5 Tips For Understanding RPN Scope


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