Complaints Process

The mission of the CRPNBC is to serve and protect the public. The CRPNBC is responsible through self-regulation to assure a safe, accountable and ethical level of psychiatric nursing practice.

The Health Professions Act gives the CRPNBC the mandate to serve and protect the public through its registration of all Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) in B.C. and the on-going monitoring of their psychiatric nursing practice. The Act describes and authorizes processes for regulatory colleges like CRPNBC to inquire into and act on complaints about RPNs.

You can file a complaint about an RPN in B.C. any time you have concerns about:

  • how the RPN behaves or conducts him/herself on the job or in another situation that could affect his/her professional duties; or
  • whether an RPN is doing his/her job competently and safely.

CRPNBC’s brochure, The Public and Complaints (PDF) provides more detailed guidance about how to make a complaint, and the process you can expect to be followed when you file a complaint.

Read more about our Inquiry and Discipline committees and their respective processes:


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