Health Professions Review Board

The Health Professions Review Board (HPRB) is an independent, quasi-judicial, administrative tribunal established under the Health Professions Act. The HPRB provides provide an independent and impartial review of:

  • Certain registration decisions made by a BC Health Regulator (which includes CRPNBC);
  • Delays on the part of a health regulator’s Inquiry Committee to dispose of a complaint or to conduct an investigation within the time required; or
  • Dispositions of complaints made by an Inquiry Committee.

After a review, the HPRB may, by order:

  • Confirm CRPNBC’s registration decision, or a disposition of a complaint by CRPNBC’s Inquiry Committee;
  • Direct the CRPNBC Registration or Inquiry Committee to make a decision or disposition that could have been made by the Registration Committee or the Inquiry Committee; or
  • Send the matter back to the Registration or Inquiry Committee for reconsideration with directions.

Learn more about the HPRB’s process for review and how to request a review.


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