Criminal Record Checks under the BC Criminal Records Review Act

Criminal record checks under the Criminal Records Review Act (the “CRRA”) are a tool used by both the Province of British Columbia and the CRPNBC. The Province requires all registered health professionals to authorize a CRRA criminal record check (or “CRRA check”). Colleges such as CRPNBC are required to ensure that this requirement is met by their registrants. CRRA checks are required both before a person is admitted or re-admitted to the register as a health professional (referred to as “applicants” for the purpose of this webpage), and then every five years thereafter, as a college registrant (referred to as “registrants”).

CRPNBC also requires applicants for admission or readmission to the register to provide CRRA check results, as these are used to determine whether the applicant meets the college’s registration requirements (e.g. good character and fitness to practice).

This online resource is designed to help applicants and registrants understand why CRRA checks are required, and how to authorize and obtain them.


How do I get a CRRA check?

2. Very important – get the right type of criminal record check!

Note: not just any criminal record check satisfies the CRRA requirement.  Compliance with the CRRA program is not fulfilled or duplicated by an RCMP criminal record check or any other local police detachment’s criminal record check.

The required criminal record check is a Criminal Records Review Act” authorized check.

CRPNBC legally cannot accept another kind of criminal record check, as it does not satisfy the legally imposed requirement under the CRRA for a provincial criminal record check for risk to children and vulnerable adults. Registrants must authorize a CRRA check.



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