Internationally Educated Applicants

All internationally educated applicants who want to register with CRPNBC must first apply directly through the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS), a national online application service developed by nursing regulatory bodies across Canada.

NNAS is the mandatory first step for any internationally educated nurse (IEN) applicant who:

  • Is a graduate of a psychiatric nursing education program outside of Canada; and
  • Is not currently registered to practice as an RPN anywhere within Canada

IEN application pathway

The below diagram summarizes the application process for IENs:


Click here for International Applicants to CRPNBC.

Competency assessment

Based on the outcome of your NNAS report and CRPNBC application, you may be required to also undergo a competency assessment of your practice skills via the Nursing Community Assessment Service (NCAS).

The NCAS process, which was launched in January 2017, involves a three-part competency assessment. Applicants who are required to complete an NCAS competency assessment will be informed, and referred to NCAS directly by CRPNBC.For further information regarding the NCAS assessments, including fees, please visit

Important – prep guides/programs for competency assessments

CRPNBC does not approve any schools, programs, or guides that promise to help prepare applicants for competency assessments.

If you take preparation courses or other courses before the NCAS competency assessment and competency gaps are identified through the assessment process, you may need to complete additional education as directed by CRPNBC.

Online Learning Module

All applicants are required to successfully complete the CRPNBC online learning module Introduction to BC RPN’s Ethical, Professional and Legal Responsibilities prior to registering with the College. Access to the module is provided as part of the application process. There is no fee for taking the module, and it is typically completed in 2-4 hours.

Problems obtaining documents

Applicants unable to provide the requested documents for certification for reasons outside their control should contact the CRPNBC office for further assistance. Financial cost of obtaining evidence is not an acceptable reason. The simplest and fastest assessment route is for applicants who provide requested documentation, even if obtaining those documents is difficult or expensive.

Other resources

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